Maeve Carr

Interior Design and Staging for Maeve represent the culmination of a career where visual design, ingenuity and attention to detail have been her hallmarks. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in the History of Art and Architecture.

Since founding Maeve Carr Design (Interiors) in 2009, Maeve has transformed countless spaces by applying her Zen decorating principles while integrating the needs and styles of her clients. Despite a challenged housing market, Maeve’s staging has produced results that have delighted her broker clients, breaking records in days on market. Maeve’s interior design projects have helped her many clients discover their “inner decorator," resulting in a personalized interior design.

Keira Heath

As Maeve's daughter, Keira's design education began at birth. She has been with the company since it's conception, helping to develop and execute the overall vision and design elements with Maeve, as well as managing the day to day operations including scheduling and overseeing move ins. Her expertise in creative problem solving helps ensure on-time project completions and complete client satisfaction.

Diana Donohue

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